Pop Music Review!!!

December 19, 2009

I never listen to Radio One any more for some reason, so five minutes on the shower radio was quite a shock. I’ll try to summarise what the popular classes are listening to.

Alexandra Burke- “Broken Heels”

HOLY SHIT listen to the drums in that intro. I was expecting Skinny Puppy to start blabbering into the microphone about vivisection or something. That’s some good industrial shit, and it’s a shame it doesn’t carry on for the rest of the song. Industrial Pop is the way forward. It devolves into some crap about pseudo-feminism and a weird talky bit like MIA did in paper planes (which just sounds naff to me but presumably Americans think thats what the British talk like in the ghetto).

Lady Gaga- “Bad Romance”

When did she get this annoying voice? It’s as if that’s part of the whole ‘annoying’ image she’s cultivating. What she’s done is interesting, she’s purposely wearing stupid clothes/being weird/being bisexual to piss people off. That creates a sort of rivalry between people who hate her, and people who like her- her fans come to like her even more as she keeps being weird in spite of people slagging her off, admiring her for people stubborn or brave or something. That’s cool, except it will only provoke a back lash of people wanting normal singers who wear jeans and a shirt or something and sing in a sane pitch. This isn’t going to liberate the weirdos of the world.

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