What I’m listening to

January 22, 2010

Here’s some stuff I’m listening to

36- Hypersona

This is really nice, it got me through my exams. Genuinely lovely ambient music, and it’s free to download, so you should download it. You know, support the new business models. Even though I’m never going to be spending a penny on the record company again.


she has a fair bit to download as well. It’s more dancey and electronic, and the EP I’ve properly listened to, “Emit and Exude”, a cool name, is industrial and noisy. A lot of the tracks are forgettable, a few are nice though.

NON- Children of the Black Sun

Oh now here you are. This is a seriously beautiful, terrifying instrumental album. The track names sound like it could end up being a naff, sub-Marilyn Manson sort of fail-spooky thing. It’s not, it’s very very good. I’ll have to do a post on Boyd Rice some time, he’s an interesting fellow. He’s a member of the Church of Satan (don’t worry, they’re atheists, they just call themselves that to piss people off as far as I can tell) and no one quite knows if he’s a racist or not, sort of like no one can tell if if Discordianism is a real religion or a stupid joke. He really does believe in social Darwinism, and that the weak should be left to perish. Presumably he doesn’t consider himself to be on the weak side.

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