Person of the Week: Dr Ronald Mallett

February 1, 2010

Dr. Ronald Mallett

Ph.D., Professor of Physics at the University of Connecticut

Time Travel Researcher

Ronald Mallett’s story is quite sad- his father died of a heart attack when he was ten, and he has dedicated his life to travelling back in time to save him. As a first year undergrad Physicist (it’s so fucking cool to be able to properly call yourself a ‘physicist’), I’m really not qualified to say if he’s got a chance or not, or if he does find a way, if it’ll wipe us all out (will the butterfly effect cause a different sperm cell to fertilise my egg? I could be not-ginger!). If it DOES work out, it will be very disturbing for the 10 year old Ronald, and not too good for the 64 year old Ronald who’s suddenly landed in McCarthy-era 1955. I’m not sure if I wish him luck or not.

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