SCP Foundation

March 15, 2010

One of the gems that emerged from the impersonal, masochist orgy which is 4Chan, the SCP Foundation is like a good version of Torchwood. It’s Wiki based (fitting for it’s origins), but the content is so good you wouldn’t think it. The FOundation is an international secretive organisation which controls paranormal artefacts. Whether you want fantasy, sci-fi or just surrealism it’s all there. It can get very very dark at times, the one sticking in my mind being SCP-231 (it didn’t help that I was reading House of Leaves at the time, a pretty creepy book).

But many of the articles are whimsical, like the coffee machine which will dispense anything.It’s great that many of the entries link to each other, creating an over all narrative.

Don’t go there when you have something to do- you won’t be off for a while.


And drink driving.

It doesn’t get funnier then that.


March 7, 2010

I declare The Blob officially OPEN! Everything which came before this was just a warm up.


*Drinks champagne in front of the string quartet*

I miss how earnest people were in the 90’s. Especially in the middle bit, where it sounds like Ali G rapping over Merzbow.

Steve O’Shea hopes to raise a giant squid in captivity. Thats a big feat considering they only managed to get a picture of one in the wild in 2002. Basically, that squidy’s going to die. I don’t need to tell him that, he’s a fucking marine biologist. Wikipedia talks about his work in preserving large cephalopods. This illustrates the difference between animals rights and conservationism- conservationists care about preserving a species, but obviously think that justifies this sort of distress to an individual animal (this link outlining the competition over how long researchers keep the squid alive). I just don’t like it.

Also, have a look at this beast. Sitting there still, it really looks like an alien ship just hovering. The music adds the the affect. Amazing.

Deep Space Nine

February 11, 2010

“watching DS9 is like sitting in on a senate meeting, except sometimes there are explosions”- Anonymous

Roy Walker

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