Steve O’Shea hopes to raise a giant squid in captivity. Thats a big feat considering they only managed to get a picture of one in the wild in 2002. Basically, that squidy’s going to die. I don’t need to tell him that, he’s a fucking marine biologist. Wikipedia talks about his work in preserving large cephalopods. This illustrates the difference between animals rights and conservationism- conservationists care about preserving a species, but obviously think that justifies this sort of distress to an individual animal (this link outlining the competition over how long researchers keep the squid alive). I just don’t like it.

Also, have a look at this beast. Sitting there still, it really looks like an alien ship just hovering. The music adds the the affect. Amazing.

Octopuses are Cool

December 15, 2009

But they really creep me out. I think it’s because they have no bones, they’re floppy and will put their tentacles over you, which are dead strong BTW. If you follow through to this page it’s about how smart they are. The whole octopus thing started for me after reading Time by Stephen Baxter, where they send a genetically altered squid into space (the idea being they live under water and so are used to no gravity). When the humans decide to pull a Laika and neglect to bring it back, it lands on a rock and converts it’s spaceship into a colony. (It got laid before it set off to boost it’s self esteem.) They can see polarised light.

Octopuses are cool.