Arrow of Time (A Draft?)

November 23, 2009

All of physics can work both ways. If you freeze everything, then send each bit of matter back in the opposite direction at the same speed, you’ll watch the universe go backwards. (Would you have to reverse the charge of everything as well or something?)

The exception to this rule in order and disorder, concepts which I COULD know more about if I’m honest. The other exception is consciousness- I have memories that stretch in one direction but not in the other. Why is that? It’s like you go through life putting more and more into storage in your memory. I have a theory that consciousness itself is instantaneous, and that the arrow of time is just a product of our perception. Since we only have memories in one direction, and we constantly add more, it seems like we’re moving. But we’re not- each moment of our consciousness is related to one moment of time. We never move, “we” are spread out over time, with the bit of you thats further along in time having memories of stuff that’s further back in time.

What’s my point? I think its a massive unanswered question, why we have memories in one direction and not the other.

Actually, no it isn’t! It’s a biological process right? (Unless you’re some sort of dualist). Your brain is a machine that builds memories and adds them to the storage. If you reversed time, I imagine it would literally take the memories apart bit by bit, in reverse order.

I should clean this up in the morning.