Radiohead put this song out for free download last year, it’s a wonderful track. When the new album (which, if Thom is pissed off enough about the Copenhagen conference, will be back to the epic and terrifying Kid A style I adore) comes out, I hope this beauty isn’t forgotten.

It’s still there, download it. That is all.

My friend has started a blog with the novel idea of giving you a new fact every day. It’s just starting up, but she has actually managed to post something on it every day… I humbly link.

SCP Foundation

March 15, 2010

One of the gems that emerged from the impersonal, masochist orgy which is 4Chan, the SCP Foundation is like a good version of Torchwood. It’s Wiki based (fitting for it’s origins), but the content is so good you wouldn’t think it. The FOundation is an international secretive organisation which controls paranormal artefacts. Whether you want fantasy, sci-fi or just surrealism it’s all there. It can get very very dark at times, the one sticking in my mind being SCP-231 (it didn’t help that I was reading House of Leaves at the time, a pretty creepy book).

But many of the articles are whimsical, like the coffee machine which will dispense anything.It’s great that many of the entries link to each other, creating an over all narrative.

Don’t go there when you have something to do- you won’t be off for a while.

And drink driving.

It doesn’t get funnier then that.

Irukandji Syndrome

February 1, 2010

Irukandji jellyfish

Irukandji syndrome is a very, very disturbing reaction to a jellyfish string. Apart from the horrible pain, the weirdest part is that it causes a ‘sense of impending doom’- a simple chemical creates specific thoughts (Catecholamine, which is part of the fight-or-flight response apparently).

(From here)


January 27, 2010


That. And this. (Don’t click too many links on that site, it will break your mind. A wiki with a page called ‘Nipple Removal’ obviously demands care.)