Roy Walker

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Dr. Ronald Mallett

Ph.D., Professor of Physics at the University of Connecticut

Time Travel Researcher

Ronald Mallett’s story is quite sad- his father died of a heart attack when he was ten, and he has dedicated his life to travelling back in time to save him. As a first year undergrad Physicist (it’s so fucking cool to be able to properly call yourself a ‘physicist’), I’m really not qualified to say if he’s got a chance or not, or if he does find a way, if it’ll wipe us all out (will the butterfly effect cause a different sperm cell to fertilise my egg? I could be not-ginger!). If it DOES work out, it will be very disturbing for the 10 year old Ronald, and not too good for the 64 year old Ronald who’s suddenly landed in McCarthy-era 1955. I’m not sure if I wish him luck or not.

Kirk McCambley

Kirk McCambley

(Who else?)

He shagged Iris Robinson when he was 19.

That’s practically child abuse on her part, but at least she’s straight.

I also heard he was Catholic, lol.